September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Torbjörn is an organizational debugger, developer, architect and collector of ideas.
He has a deep belief in the untapped potential of folks and the power of mutually meeting needs to improve the way work works. He was an early Kanban adopter and still beleives that XP has its best days ahead of it.

By day he wears the CTO hat at Nepa by night you find him on Twitter as @drunkcod.

Session: Can I help?

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We often want to help, but how often is our help really desired? Is unwanted help mostly an ego driven power trip laced with violence and shame? Let's talk about the difference between helping and inflicting help. The difference between getting permission and taking liberties. Let's talk about the difference between wanting good and doing good. Let's talk about the difficult subject of asking for help, getting help and how to effectively do both.

Session: My Lean Spectacles

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Conversations concerning Lean often focus on very visible things, the tools & techniques. Much energy is spent discussing how to reduce waste, manage variability and continuously improve how the work works. Sometimes mindset enters the conversation to highlight that how we think about things strongly influence which issues will be handled and the way we'll handle them. Mindset is essential, but I posit that awareness and perception might better be viewed as a different way of seeing the world. Let me show you how the world looks through my Lean spectacles. Let's learn to see the same things differently and thus perhaps shift what looks obviously right and proper.

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