September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Paul Klipp’s management experience began in prison where he learned management as head chef in a prison kitchen. Those skills served him well when managing programers. He has worked with software teams from two to two hundred people on three continents. Most recently he founded and ran the first Ruby on Rails web development shop in Europe ( and he is presently running, a web-based team Kanban collaboration tool, where he is applying his background in anthropology to user experience design.

Session: We're All Designers

Presentation Slides

Every member of a software team has an impact on the users’ experiences with the product. Programmers, testers, analysts, and managers make design decisions, often without realizing that they’re making design decisions. I'll talk about how to recognize when you’re making what might be a critical design decision and share an overview of tools that designers use to make better decisions. With the knowledge of how data informs design decisions, you’ll be better equipped to know when to get data, what kind of data to get, and how to use it.

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