September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

I have been dealing with the topic of the efficiency of the development teams for ten years so far. I am working on improving both the architecture of the applications and its refactoring, as well as on improving the cooperation between the so-called business and the development teams.

So far, I have conducted more than five hundred training and consulting days with the best development teams in Poland. I have come to a conclusion that linguistic skills are the key to Software Craftsmanship. This applies to, both, the ​​cooperation with business and the developer’s job, which I show in the trainings that I design and dedicate to refactoring, working with code and architecture.

Dojo: Business Needs Discovering Game

One of key process patterns defined by Specification By Example is 'Derive scope from goals'. But the goals come form business needs located in business minds.

Attending the workshop you will learn how to discover business needs during conversation with business people.

Key learning outcomes:

* What is a 'business need' and types of it?
* Set of smart questions to discover and clarify business needs
* How to use Conversation Patterns to deal with conversation deadlock?
* How to suggest business people choosing your own solution of an issue?

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