September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

A specialist in IT law and intellectual property law. Previously Łukasz was an in-house lawyer for Agora S.A., MTv Networks and a member of the TMT (Technology - Media - Telecommunications) team at "Bird & Bird", an international law firm. Currently he works for Maruta Wachta. Moreover, he is an assistant lecturer at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University and Law of Modern Technologies Postgraduate Program at The Polish Academy of Sciences.

Session: Agility factors - how to make your contract agile

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How does Agile is seen by lawyers? Is it possible to write an Agile based a contract and if so, how does it differ from traditional waterfall contract. What are the agility factors that can make a contract more Agile. Is it true that contracts are written only for tough times or maybe a real good contract could prevent us from a legal battlefield nightmare? Moreover, maybe it's high time to think of contracts as a project management tool, rather than just a piece of boring formal papers? And, last but not least, why lawyers should also start to be Agile...

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