September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Luis Goncalves is a Co-Founder of Oikosofy, Agile Coach at HolidayCheck, Co-Author, International Speaker and a Blogger.
Luis has been working in the software industry since 2003, being an agile practitioner since 2007. He has a lot of experience in integrating sequential projects phases like localization into an Agile Framework and pioneering agile adoption at different companies and different contexts.
He is a co-author of a book called: "Getting Value Out of Agile Retrospectives". In a near future, he is going to publish an Oikosofy Series Book: “Get rid of Performance Appraisals”.
Moreover, he is a co-founder of a Meet-Up community group in Munich, Germany called High Performing Teams. Together with his friends they created this group with the vision of "Define the future of Management and Leadership". The aim is to collaboratively generate several ideas/theories and try them out in the professional life.
He likes to write and share ideas with the world and this made him a passionate blogger. He gets an inspiration from his professional life as well as from the books that he reads frequently.

Session: How to enable agility in the whole organisation creating high performing companies

Presentation Slides

Our highest priority is to satisfy a customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility. Agile processes harness change for the customer and deliver the competitive advantage. Agile processes promote sustainable development.
One of several reasons why agile techniques are so effective is that they reduce the feedback cycle between the generation of an idea and the realisation of that idea. This not only minimises the risk of misunderstanding, it also reduces the cost of addressing any mistakes. But most of the times we fail to take Agile further than team level. Based on my experience it is very hard to actually transform the companies and adopt Agile mindset and create high performing organisations.
In this talk I will present a bunch of ideas that you can apply directly in your daily work that will allow you to bring your company to the next level of agility creating high performing organisation.

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