September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Karl Scotland helps businesses become Learning Organisations. In the course of doing this, he has been a pioneer and advocate of using Kanban Systems for software development, a founding member of both the Lean Systems Society and Limited WIP Society, and has been active in the Agile and Lean communities for the last 15 years. As a result he was awarded the honorary Brickell Key Community Contribution Award at the 2013 Lean Kanban North America conference. His experience includes working with the BBC, Yahoo!, EMC Consulting and Rally Software, and he writes about his work defining Kanban Thinking on his blog at

Session: Strategy Deployment: The Secret Sauce for Enterprise Agility

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I would like to talk about why managers/leaders need to create environments where people thrive & do their best work -- and how they can do that. It's about Intent-Based Leadership where leaders give control by helping to increase team members' technical competence and organizational clarity. And how old habits can get in the way of achieving greatness. My talks also incorporate neuroscience to give hard facts behind why we think the way we do and how we can best take advantage of intrinsic motivation.

Session: The A3 Business

Presentation Slides

As scale and distribution set in at organisations that have strong growth, spreading the lean and agile culture becomes even more important to keep teams aligned and motivated. A3 Thinking and templates provide one way to address this challenge as an effective approach for helping spread lean thinking and empower teams to share their problems and strategies. This talk will introduce A3 Thinking and show how its can be used to ensure program and team delivery meets organisational strategy, to grow a business which is Agile, Absorbent and Aligned.

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