September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Brendan Marsh is an Agile Coach at Spotify and the driver behind their Product Innovation guild. Brendan has been coaching the team behind the new Spotify Running feature, which started life as an exploratory project with the goal of discovering what the ideal running experience is for Spotify's running community. The feature is now being rolled out to Spotify's 60 million users.

Brendan is passionate about Innovation, Lean Startup thinking and empowering teams to achieve greatness.

Session: Spotify Running: Lessons learned from building a 'Lean Startup' inside a big tech company

Brendan will share his experiences from coaching an innovation team inside of a large organisation. He will share experiences from the trenches, working with Spotify's running team to find the ideal running experience.

Session: How Agile Coaches help us win—the Agile Coach role at Spotify

At Spotify, we believe that we will win if we can iterate on our product faster than the competition. If we can build our product faster, we can learn faster and thus improve & grow as a company faster than our competitors. We are growing rapidly to make this happen, but how do we ensure that our development teams are happy, high performing and constantly improving? How do we share these learnings with the rest of the business? One of the crucial roles in this endeavour are our Agile Coaches. In this talk, we will present what we believe an Agile Coach is, give some insight into the daily life of an Agile Coach at Spotify & explain why we believe that Agile Coaches help us win.

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