September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

April Mills is an engineer by training, but a change agent by passion. After spending nearly 15 years as a nuclear engineer for the U.S. Navy, she joined Intel in December 2014. Her new role is Change Coach and Community Steward with the Intel Emergent Systems and Coaching team. April brings leading-edge change agency techniques to Intel and the world. She was recently featured as a keynote speaker at the Agile and Lean Development Conference in Gdansk, Poland. In her free time, April designs and builds accessible playgrounds and blogs at

Session: Choosing Change: How to Enable a Shift to Agile

Presentation Slides

What we want to change from or change to matters less than how we try to change. In “Choosing Change,” April Mills will speak to a philosophy of change, grounded in scholarship and practice, that describes how to think about and act to bring about your shift to Agile. She’ll provide you a way of seeing change, and your role in it, that will enable (and even speed up) your shift to Agile

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