September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Andrzej Jacek Blikle is an IT specialist, professor of mathematical sciences, member of Polish Language Council and of Academia Europaea and also a confectionery master. He was lecturing in Warsaw, Berkeley (USA), Waterloo (Canada), Linköping (Sweden), Lyngby (Denmark) and Copenhagen. Co-founder, ex-president and currently honorary member of Polish Information Processing Society. A member of over 30 organizations and honorary chairman of the Adam Smith Center's board of directors.
Advocate of leadership through partnership and Total Quality Management (TQM).

Session: The Leader's Dillema

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The relations between supervisors and subordinates are often based on the principle that "the weaker shall obey the stronger". This principle excludes, by definition, partnership. Consequently, the weaker has no chance to be driven by his intrinsic motivation. The stronger takes advantage of his position to ensure the weaker’s obedience. As a result, the weaker feels inferior, inadequate, subordinated, and dependent. At the end of the day, there is a need to contest. Rebellious generations are born, trade unions are constituted, and other measures are taken to ensure protection against dominance.
Other relationships evolve between the senior and the junior. These relations are symmetric. There is no subordination but partnership. The senior-junior model involves responsibilities that the senior has towards the junior. The senior is responsible for transferring his knowledge, skills, and expertise to juniors. He is expected to build the motivation and self-esteem of juniors, teach them how to ask questions and learn lessons from past mistakes.
Most responsibilities are allocated to the senior but at the same time there are mutual obligations distributed symmetrically to both parties: respect, reliability, integrity, loyalty, willingness to help the other one. There is no room for awards and penalties since both of them are equally strong in demotivating people to positive actions. But there is a lot of room for appreciation and recognition.

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