September 28-30, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Agenda will be updated during upcoming weeks, hours and the order of speakers might change.

September 29th
8:30- registration
9:15-9:30 welcome
9:30-10:30 Bjarte BogsnesBeyond Budgeting – an agile management model for new business and people realities
20 mins break
Team Track Product Track Management Track
10:50-12:20 Karl ScotlandThe A3 Business
Wojciech Zawistowski5 Whys Root Cause Analysis
Beata NowakowskaSpeaking is overrated. Show it.
Radek LonteXPert Leadership
Tomasz WykowskiNo time for Planning Poker? Try Silent Sort Estimating instead.
Tim OttingerAgile Productivity
Niels MalotauxEvo Planning to produce even more in shorter time
Tomasz NiezgodaFrom business to technology: decision making in a quantified manner
Monika TurskaTime to Clean up the Product!
Jenni JepsenEmpowering people is impossible. The neuroscience of intrinsic motivation
Clifford ShelleyThe Evolution of a Super Agile Software Development Capability
Jacek WieczorekHow to implement Salary Formula from scratch?
Jakub NabrdalikPeer to peer salary review in a corpo: case study
1 h 10 m lunch break
13:30-15:00 Luis GoncalvesHow to enable agility in the whole organisation creating high performing companies
Marek KirejczykPair programming demystified
Paweł SłowikowskiRetrospectives – switching from ‘problem’ to ‘solution’ language
Izabela KowalikBe on a par during Sprint Retrospective
Paweł LipińskiThe long-forgotten XP practices
Gojko AdzicMake Impact Not Software
John PeeblesThe Power of Narrative
Özlem YüceMaersk Story
Przemek Henschke… and the agile wave embraced concrete pier … Agile PZU
Lars RoostScaling agile at LEGO
20 mins break
15:20-16:50 discussion panelScrum Master – value-adding or waste?

  • Jeff Campbell Rebel Alliance
  • Wojtek Erbetowski Polidea
  • Paweł Lipiński Pragmatists
  • Radek Lont Seamless
  • Jacek Wieczorek STX Next

Panel will be moderated by Piotr Szczygieł & Piotr Burdyło.

Brendan MarshSpotify Running: Lessons learned from building a ‘Lean Startup’ inside a big tech company
Susana Jurado ApruzzeseLean elephants: How we applied Lean Startup at Telefonica
Paul KlippWe’re All Designers
April MillsChoosing Change: How to Enable a Shift to Agile
Torbjörn GyllebringMy Lean Spectacles
20 mins break
17:10-18:10 lightning talks
September 30th
9:30-10:30 prof. Andrzej BlikleThe Leader’s Dillema
20 mins break
Team Track Product Track Management Track
10:50-12:20 Jim BensonLimit WIP or DIE
Niels MalotauxExamples how to move towards Zero Defects
Karolina Chmiel, Gosia DzierzewiczDesign in Scrum – short introduction how to cope with Full Stack Designer
Krystian MrozekThe Beauty and the Beast: the Marriage of UX and Scrum
Piotr BączykHow can UX designer cooperate with Scrum team
Paweł NowakUX Designer meets Product Owner – how to set up successful cooperation?
Magdalena Ostoja-ChyżyńskaHow to Break Up a Cat Fight: Agile vs UX
Ewa Koprowska, Michał KopytFrom SAFe to Nexus – the story of a mistake
Łukasz WęgrzynAgility factors – how to make your contract agile
Marcin MarutaAgility fuck-tors – what happens in a court
1 h 10 m lunch break
13:30-15:00 Brendan MarshHow Agile Coaches help us win—the Agile Coach role at Spotify
Bożena AndrzejakClassic approach to coaching. Coaching skills, attitude, personal growth and team building.
Piotr LeszczyńskiImproving through Feedback
Torbjörn GyllebringCan I help?
discussion panelDo we really need Product Owners?

  • Łukasz Banach Codility
  • Jakub Nabrdalik 4FinanceIT
  • Tomasz Szymański SoftwareMill
  • Kate Terlecka Brass Willow

Panel will be moderated by Michał Prządka.

Karl ScotlandStrategy Deployment: The Secret Sauce for Enterprise Agility
Mat BarrowIntroducing agility to an inflexible Health Service
20 mins break
15:20-16:50 Vasco DuarteNo estimates: how you can predict the release date of your project without estimating
Jeffery CampbellThe Inflow
Kate TerleckaValue measurements and estimation from the trenches
Agnieszka SzóstekThe Cumbersome Threesome: an Ardent UX, a Stubborn IT and a Contractor in a Hurry
John PeeblesHow to build the perfect product your customers love but can’t describe
Jim BensonProduct development is an experiment
discussion panelWhat does it take to really be agile?

  • April Mills Intel
  • Michał Kopyt PZU
  • Jakub Szczepanik mBank

Panel will be moderated by Łukasz Szóstek.

20 mins break
17:10-18:10 Tim OttingerTaking Back Agile: Returning to our core values and practices
18:10-18:15 closing

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